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It's almost like they don't have any bandwidth left to keep a partner in mind — even though they don't mean anything bad by it. Of course, this is also the time of year when many folks want to take a relationship to the next level and perhaps even introduce a partner to their family, which is why "those who prefer to be terrified of a little commitment decide to fade off to ghost land," astrologer Shereen Campbell , tells Bustle.

Dirty Projectors - No Intention

Read on below for the four signs most likely to disappear, according to astrologers. If anyone is going to get distracted this time of year, and ghost as a result, it's Aries. It doesn't take much for them to get caught up in the excitement and basically forget they have a phone.

'Ghost Writer': The Futility of Good Intentions

Easily distracted and ruled by passion for life, it only takes Aries minutes to forget a prior commitment or to respond to a text message once something fun starts happening. They might end up reaching out again after the holidays, once their schedule returns to normal. But with Aries, it's really anyone's guess.

A Scorpio will ghost any time of year, Mayes says, so it's really no surprise they're likely to do it during the holidays, too. As an intensely private sign, they need plenty of time alone to recharge and think about what they want in life, and that can feel extra necessary during this busy time of year. It also doesn't take much for Scorpio to lose interest, which can prompt them to disappear without a trace, or to get caught up in a bad mood, Mayes says.

They might not be feeling comfortable talking about what's on their mind — like stress within their family, for instance — and choose to back away instead. It can help to reach out and see if they'd like to talk.

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But again, Scorpio most likely just needs some peace and quiet in order to get through the holidays, before they can consider picking things up again in the new year. As the wanderer of the zodiac, Sagittarius is likely to put a relationship on the back burner while they travel for the holidays, Mayes says. Add in the fact their birthday season coincides with the holiday season, she says, and it's highly likely they've planned a trip or two and will be out of town — and perhaps even overseas.

But instead of calling to say where they're going, they might hop a plane without a word. If a heavy conversation is in order — as might be the case, if they're choosing to travel alone during the holidays — they'll prefer to skip all that and have fun instead. That said, this is also the sign that's most likely to reach out to an ex after ghosting them, Campbell says, so don't be surprised if they're suddenly back in the picture come January.

Their dog has just passed away and the family thanks the postman who brought their dog a treat every day with a note.

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