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Stir a few more times. The noodles should be soft, dry and very tangled. Pour onto the serving plate and sprinkle with ground pepper and peanuts.

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Serve hot with the banana flower slice, a wedge of lime on the side, raw Chinese chives and raw bean sprouts on top. As always, in Thailand, condiments such as sugar, chili pepper , vinegar and fish sauce are available at your table for your personal taste. Some people add more chili pepper or sugar at the table.

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See recipe for Pad Thai with dried shrimp. Author: Natty Netsuwan. Braised pork shank with gummy and soft rind, served with blanched Chinese broccoli, pickled mustard and chili garlic sauce. Shrimp in clear spicy soup made from lemon grass, kaffir lime, hot pepper, lime juice and fish sauce.

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Follow thaitable. Pin It. See it on your phone! Tips and Techniques By far, the trickiest part is the soaked noodles. Noodles should be somewhat flexible and solid, not completely expanded and soft. When in doubt, undersoak.

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You can always add more water in the pan, but you can't take it out. Shrimp can be substituted or omitted. In this recipe, pre-ground pepper, particularly pre-ground white pepper is better than fresh ground pepper. For kids, omit the ground dried chili pepper. Tamarind adds some flavor and acidity, but you can substitute white vinegar.

The type of super firm tofu or pressed called for this recipe can be found at most Asian groceries in a plastic bag, not in water. Some might be brown from soy sauce, but some white ones are also available. Pick whatever you like. If you decide to include banana flower, cut lengthwise into sections like orange sections.

Rub any open cut with lime or lemon juice to prevent it from turning dark. The original Pad Thai recipe calls for crushed roasted peanuts. Thailand is hot and humid and storage conditions are often sub-optimal, so a certain fungus can grow on peanuts. This fungus is linked to cancer, so many people in Thailand avoid eating peanuts.

One of the big challenges with Pad Thai's measurements is that the flavor densities and characteristics of the 3 core flavor ingredients: fish sauce, tamarind and lime juice vary greatly from brand to brand and purchase to purchase. Plus the salt content of your fish sauce, dried shrimp and preserved turnips will likely differ from ours.

You will need to taste this as you're making it and keep the 3 flavors, salty, sweet and sour, in balance to your liking.

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Method Prepping Start with soaking the dry noodles in lukewarm or room temperature water while preparing the other ingredients. Only Thai cuisine brings out all of these flavors to play together harmoniously in a meal. Cooking Thai food should be sanook - fun! Cooking can be meditative, relaxing and enjoyable. Especially when the recipes are not complex and turn out tasty. Most of the Thai recipes here are not elaborate but good useful everyday food that can be prepared with a reasonable expenditure of time and labor.

These recipes are mainly home-style i. Written for Westerners working with limited time and using ingredients available in the United States esp.

This recipe consists of an omelette stuffed with minced pork and vegetables. It is a tasty savoury snack that is quick to make, and is a great way to use up any vegetables that are laying around your kitchen. The pork and vegetable filling is nicely presented inside an omelette parcel, and it is fun to make and a great ….

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David Thompson: Thai street food recipes

Chicken satay is very popular street food in Thailand, and a popular choice amongst Thai food lovers in restaurants all over the world. With this recipe there is no need to fly over to Thailand or order expensive take out — you can get great tasting chicken satay at home anytime you want!

In this recipe we are using chicken, …. This is a really quick and easy recipe to prepare, and is a great way to liven up chicken, which lets face it, can often get very boring. By following this recipe you are going to end up with succulent sweet and rich tasting wings that are a fantastic quick snack, and taste even better than the ones you get ….


If you have ever visited Thailand, you probably sampled the abundance of tasty and great value street food available from the vendors that line the bustling streets. With our street vendor recipe series, you can recreate the taste of these snacks and meals from the comfort of your own kitchen! This recipe will make the pork really succulent with a ….