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Considered an American response to French sensation Bonjour Tristesse, Chocolates for Breakfast is also a tale of Courtneys close and ultimately tragic friendship with her roommate, Janet Parker, and a moving account of how teenagers approach love and sex for the first time.

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This edition of Chocolates for Breakfast features 16 pages of insights into the book, including author interviews, recommended reading, and more. Building Bodies Pamela Moore. Bloggat om Chocolates for Breakfast. Most of the characters in the book are heavy drinkers, [5] with the exception of Courtney and a young man named Charles Cunningham who gradually emerges as a love interest, although Courtney initially finds him too "straight arrow. Janet leaves home to live first with Courtney and then with a lover. When she returns, her mother has fled to a sanitarium and her father is alone and drunk, and blames his daughter for ruining their lives.

Coldly, with the full force of his body, he slapped her He fell upon her and forced her onto the couch and lay above her as a lover might, and she was terrified. As her body went limp in his arms he rose and walked over to the window. Thank God, she thought. Thank God he got up.

Soon after, Janet jumps from the window to her death. In the aftermath, Courtney ends her affair with Anthony. The novel ends with Courtney on her way to see Charles Cunningham and her parents for dinner, while Anthony contemplates returning to his island in the fall. The last line notes "how quickly the summer had gone.

Chocolates for Breakfast A Novel

Chocolates for Breakfast is sometimes included in lists [6] [7] [8] of early lesbian fiction , for the depiction of the relationship of two schoolgirls at an East Coast boarding school, Courtney's attachment to her teacher Miss Rosen, and the backlash against them from the other teachers and students. A detailed exploration of this genre, with a footnote linking Moore to the French tradition, appears in Contingent loves: Simone de Beauvoir and Sexuality by Melanie Hawthorne.

Marion Zimmer Bradley , author of The Mists of Avalon , examined Chocolates for Breakfast in a article, "Feminine Equivalents of Greek Love in Modern Fiction," where she pronounced it "less melodramatic [than Faviell's Thalia ] but perhaps more realistic and telling," and advanced the hypothesis that Courtney's 'sexual promiscuity and dissipation' could be traced to her rejection by Miss Rosen at the beginning of the book.

Alternative rock musician Courtney Love has stated that her mother, Linda Carroll , named her after the protagonist of the novel. As Robert Nedelkoff points out in his retrospective on the literary and social significance of Moore's work, the name Courtney became common as a girl's name only in the years after the novel's publication. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chocolates for Breakfast First edition. Retrieved She would graduate the following semester, in That was only the beginning of her devotion. As Laurot traveled between Poland and East Germany, Moore would wait for him in various towns along country borders, driving him to Stockholm and Switzerland, and procuring various film equipment when needed.

At the same time, in an effort to further escape her mother's grasp, Moore made a drastic career move: She changed literary agents. By , Lord had sold Moore's second novel, Prophets Without Honor , to Knopf based on the estimated page outline she'd created with Laurot—a testament to how popular Moore had become in the United States. On and off, Moore returned to her mother's New York apartment only to leave for Europe again.

When Moore returned to Europe, the two corresponded platonically about politics, ideology, and religion.

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Moore shared details about her projects with Laurot, and stories about his heroic past. But Kanarek had a background in U. In fact, Laurot had never been who he claimed. In a video obtained by digital archive Web of Stories, Jonas Mekas, co-founder of Laurot's film culture magazine and a collaborator on the film Guns in the Trees , describes Laurot as "a mysterious person with mysterious achievements and credits and past.

Much the same way Jong's Fear of Flying has forever been branded by its "zipless fuck," Moore's novel suffered similar, limited branding. Moore's relationship with Laurot came to a climactic end when Laurot arranged a meeting with her in New York City. Kanarek arrived in her place and the two men had a terse conversation on a bridge over the FDR Drive in lower Manhattan a scene later fictionalized in Moore's Prophets Without Honor.

In the afterward for the most recent French reissue, Moore's son writes that Laurot and his father had a cinematic stand down: "Kanarek, stalwart and stocky in an ill-fitting suit; Laurot, tall, gaunt and elegant, hissing 'I have people behind me,' before finally backing down.

The relationship flourished: Moore and Kanarek married in in a small wedding of only four guests. The final product had veered considerably from the outline she'd worked on with Laurot , and from the key elements that had made Chocolates such a monumental success. A fictionalized account of her time abroad, meeting Laurot, and finally Kanarek, Prophets Without Honor featured a singular, menacing villain.

Smith recalls the manuscript as "very long, and not especially sexy. By , a now year-old Moore watched as sales of Chocolates for Breakfast slowed. Mark's Place, and The Horsy Set.


But while they all stuck to the Chocolates for Breakfast formula—the burgeoning sexuality of precocious young girls—none achieved the tremendous commercial success or literary acclaim of her first. And once again, Moore found herself—and her work—under the thumb of an intimate partner.

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Kanarekwas exerting influence. Bisco, who met with the couple frequently in New York, was concerned about the marriage, particularly Kanarek's effect on Moore's writing. I think that accounts for the differences between Chocolates and her other books. Kanarek began working full-time as a lawyer, and in , the couple welcomed their first and only child, Kevin. Moore suffered a difficult labor, followed by a long in-hospital recovery. She resumed writing in their Brooklyn Heights home, now tasked with caring for a newborn in addition to the standard expectations of being a s wife.

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While Kevin was still an infant, Moore began working on a novel tentatively called Kathy, about a once-successful female celebrity examining her professional failure. Her sense of self, Kevin stipulates, had started to fade. On Sunday, June 7, , Moore sat down to write with her nine-month-old son in the next room. Her husband left the apartment around lunchtime to visit his father. When he returned home near 5 p. Moore had committed suicide by shooting herself in the mouth with a.


She was A diary entry dated that same day indicated that she had been struggling with the Kathy manuscript. She left an explicit suicide note and police officers at the scene told the press that Kathy contained suicidal themes, with one female character making reference to Ernest Hemingway's suicide by firearms. The next-to-last paragraph of the final page she was working on reportedly described a rifle barrel as "cold and alien" in a character's mouth.

To read Chocolates for Breakfast is to stumble upon a curiously missing piece of the American feminist literary canon. Shortly before her death, Moore said in an interview, "I lost my identity as a writer by becoming a celebrity. As Bisco observes, "In retrospect I can see that she was subject to extremes of highs and lows, but I wasn't conscious of it at the time. The highs were clear, but she kept the lows to herself.