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Seeing the city overrun, Kaufman runs with his money, and encounters a zombie Cholo in the parking garage. As the two struggle, Big Daddy kills both with an exploding propane tank. Riley's group arrives at the city only to come upon a raised drawbridge.

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Riley leaves to bring the bridge down, but a small group of zombies begin to attack Dead Reckoning. Riley and the others manage to dispose of and evade the zombies. After crossing the bridge, they helplessly witness people being killed by the zombies. Realizing it is too late to save them, they mercy kill them with missiles. It is then revealed that most of the poor people were led to safety by Mulligan, thus surviving the assault.

Riley and Mulligan share a well-meaning goodbye as they split up with their groups. As they see Big Daddy and the zombies who are, curiously, not attacking the surviving humans leaving the city, Riley decides to leave them alone, citing that they are just looking for a place to go, too. While lighting up the rest of the fireworks which were earlier used to distract the zombies, but are now useless since they do not distract the horde anymore , Riley's group set off for Canada on Dead Reckoning.

Earlier script titles included Twilight of the Dead , Dead City , and Dead Reckoning the same as the military vehicle used in the film. Romero said in an interview that one of the first potential film studios 20th Century Fox wanted the film to be titled Night of the Living Dead. It turned out that Fox sought to own the rights to the Night of the Living Dead franchise, and Romero decided not to do business with them.

Filming took place in Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario , Canada. Land of the Dead is the first film in the series to receive an MPAA rating for its theatrical release. Romero had said for years that he would film two versions; an R rated cut for theatrical release and first DVD , and an unrated cut for the second DVD release. Both DVDs were released in the U. Rumors suggested that Romero shot alternate, less explicit, gore scenes for the theatrical release, but this is not entirely accurate. The more extreme instances of gore e. Other ways to obscure blood in order to get an R-rating were achieved by simply trimming the grislier shots by a few seconds, by digitally repainting blood so that it is more black than red, or by digitally painting the blood out altogether.

In the UK, the BBFC gave both the theatrical version and the unrated version a 15 certificate for strong language, violence, horror and gore. Every UK release bar the UMD version were rated 18 overall due to a bonus feature a highlights reel of the goriest moments called Scenes of Carnage. In Germany, both the theatrical and unrated versions were rated 18 anyway. As such, only the unrated version was widely available in Germany. The film was banned in Ukraine. The film received positive reviews upon release. It was released one year and three months after the release of the remake Dawn of the Dead.

Roger Ebert gave the film three stars out of four for what he considered its skillful and creative allusions, something that he argued was pervasive among Romero's previous three installments, which contained numerous satirical metaphors to American life. Ebert noted this installment's distinction between the rich and poor, those that live in Fiddler's Green and those that live in the slums. By now, Romero has become a classicist who uses character and dialogue as much as stomach-turning special effects to achieve his shivers.

Guillermo del Toro said: "Finally someone was smart enough to realize that it was about time, and gave George the tools. It should be a cause of celebration amongst all of us that Michelangelo has started another ceiling. It's really a momentous occasion The site's consensus says, "George A. Romero's latest entry in his much-vaunted Dead series is not as fresh as his genre-inventing original, Night of the Living Dead.

But Land of the Dead does deliver on the gore and zombies-feasting-on-flesh action. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Land of the Dead disambiguation. Theatrical release poster. Reinhold Heil Johnny Klimek. Romero's Land of the Dead ". The Numbers. Retrieved August 27, Box Office Mojo.

Retrieved January 4, Retrieved November 11, Try to avoid crowded areas. Try not to draw attention. Hooray for the MIW men in white!

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Thanks again CDC. Kudos CDC! A large part of your function is advertising and education to increase the public awareness. This particular advertising scheme was pure genius. Also for helping me plan to survive the zombies. Helps fend off the zombies, and makes your food tasty! I have means of protection for my companions and I, too. What a great idea! Would have never looked up an article about emergancy preparation had it not been approached this way.

Love it and glad to know how to get prepared! Thank you!

Think of all the little things, you enjoy and take for granted. There would be roving bands of living thinking humans whom, without the threat of law, would be more than happy to rape and kill you just to take what you have, and to enjoy whatever sick twisted fantasy they cook up on the spot. I love the idea of linking preparedness with current pop culture and getting the message out through social media.

Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

I think that most folks will take the humor in it to prepare their own family plan. This photo may also lead viewers to leap to the conclusion that folks with phobias and delusions are the ones who may take preparedness seriously. I am also concerned that there may be some negative feedback from the religious community who may give the Agency negative feedback by the linking of Zombies to preparedness.

Many religions associtate Zombies to Satanic worship, and this linkage may relfect somewhat badly on the Agency. But you forgot to mention for preparation for a real zombie apocalypse, we have to be armed to the teeth! But its probably not very responsible of the CDC to encourage weaponizing the United States citizens…. Sanitation and Hygiene — Why bother? Clothing and Bedding — Why would you need clothing? Important Documents — Dont bother with all this stuff, its a zombie apocalypse, the first thing youll be thinking is getting out of there alive, just take whatever you got in your wallet and book it.

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Hope this helps you all. Now i think that the CDC has gone crazy. If someone is dead that means their body organs stop functioning and the brain controls everything you do and the heart provides the blood for the brain to function correctly and if if the heart stops then the brain stops and can not be made functional again because no blood means that your body cant do anything. Zombies are pure fiction, the dead cant rise and chase us because the bodies have probably decayed and when you die you DIE and nothing can bring you back.

Now that is fact and zombies are fiction. Its common sense. It was a test of the CDC servers, which could well have failed if this had been a real emergency. I would hope that CDC has learned something from this and taken steps to support sudden and massive traffic spikes.

Thanks for reading our blog and posting a comment. We did learn a lot about our blog servers during this campaign, however we would like to note that:. CDC is prepared to handle large volumes of Web traffic that may result in public health emergency. Great Information! The CDC is on the right track with this campaign… It brought a lot of awareness to an important subject… Whoever thought it up should get a raise!!!

The existence of the tact taken in writing this blog proves one thing: The zombie apocolypse is already here, and the brain-dead have already been re-animated at the CDC. Just have to say, the basic preparation that the CDC is giving us, is more than adequate in any fall down of the earth. You need your basic materials just to survive and if say a tsunami hit us, we would be prepared with the necessary supplies to survive.

The CDC is only telling us what we should already know and have set up for when the world is taken over by zombies or by each other. I have been prepared for a zombie outbreak ever since I first watched Shawn of the Dead. Tip 1: As we have learned from zombies in movies, games, and books. Tip 2: Large groups will slow you down and will raise the chances that the disease will infiltrate your group and within days the whole gang will be undead. On the other hand wandering around by yourself in post apocalyptia will leave you vulnerable and lonely, which can be death sentences around the living dead.

So tip 2? And most importantly, make sure that you get along well with each person in the group so that there is no fighting within the group. Keeping yourself clean will help fight off things like flu, the common cold, pink eye, pretty much anything that you could sick from before the zombiepocolypse you can get sick from after the zombiepocolypse. So make sure to brush your teeth, clean your clothes, and wash behind your ears!