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The lighting was a little dark making it hard to see a few locks, but all in all we had a great time!!

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We had no idea what an Escape Room was- the staff were really friendly and explained everything! Once in the room, our family started out a little disjointed, but it was really fun to spend the time together solving the clues and working together- all great minds think a like and we solved the clues with 9 minutes to spare. First time in an escape room My daughter and grandson went in with me and it took us almost the full hour to escape.

Most fun I have had in a long time. The staff are so very friendly and courteous, and take time to explain everything to you before you start.


The logical progression of clues is extremely well developed and the level of difficulty is quite challenging, yet not dismaying. We had never been to an escape room. I was nervous not knowing if it would be scary or not. This is not scary. We had so much fun. Staff is great.

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I can't wait to go back. I went with my family. We found this place from a flyer in a restaurant.

You will enjoy it. I cannot say enough good things about it.

CONUNDRUM | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

King Alfred the Great is furious because his family crests have gone missing. If the crests are not restored within the hour, you will all be executed! An old friend, Professor Jones, wants you to accomplish a quest he never got to go on. Agent Claussen has been captured, sending the powers of the world into turmoil. It is up to you to save the world before the time runs out! Conundrum offers three immersive escape room experiences in Durango that provide a fun and challenging adventure.

Our retail store also hosts a great variety of board games and tinker toys. We also offer board game rentals, a great way to check out your favorite games or get to try out new games before purchasing them for yourself.

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An exciting activity for families, corporate team building, friends, and parties, Conundrum is the best indoor adventure in Durango. Come test your deductive skills and team work!

Conundrum: Why People Do Not Listen to Evacuation Orders

Thanksgiving open every day am — pm but closed Thursday thanksgiving. Escape rooms are a live-action, interactive mystery experience where you and your team work together to solve your way through the challenges of the game theme in order to accomplish the overall goal of the story.

It can be a bit like a real-life game of clue. The catch? You only have 60 minutes to Escape the Room! One of the most fun things I've ever done! A great time. The opinions of the day are often more clearly expressed in a conundrum than in an essay. Is this a conundrum or blather, invented to hide your ignominy in a cloud of words? But there was no satisfactory answer to that conundrum and he went back to his books.

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