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The source of this field turns out to be a device attached to the navigational console. Spock describes it as "not part of the normal equipment; it's like something they jury-rigged during an emergency.

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Further investigation is interrupted when something begins trying to break through the door of the control center. A log entry begins playing, explaining that the original crew chose to destroy their vessel to avoid carrying a malevolent entity to other worlds. As the door collapses and explosions begin to destroy the control center, the interference field fails and the landing party is beamed back aboard the Enterprise by Kyle. After materializing in the transporter room , they discover that the malevolent entity has beamed aboard with them.

It takes over control of the ship's systems, using the Enterprise 's phasers to destroy the insectoid craft. The entity wants to use the Enterprise to take it away from the dead star and takes control of the bridge's automatic defense system. But Spock has placed the navigation console inside a static shield , so the entity cannot steer the ship. However, the entity has taken the crew hostage.

Kirk acts as if he is obeying the entity, but actually plans to use the slingshot effect to break the Enterprise out of orbit. The entity, thinking Kirk is going to crash the Enterprise into the star, flees for its life while the ship frees itself from Questar's gravitational pull, leaving the creature to orbit around the star forever, wailing to the crew in terrible, endless loneliness.

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Every pod I believe we must consider the alternative possibility that the crew of this ship destroyed her The fear of primitive people confronting something unknown to them. Even you, Mr. The dead star Rather than carry this malevolent life form to other worlds, we have decided to destroy our own ship! There is no other answer! If you understand this message, you are protected only for this moment in this room!

This thing, it wants Whatever that thing is, it survived a millennia in a dead hulk. All it has to do here is outlast us and just take over. It must be held by the magnetic force of the dead star. Bacon and Z. This illustration compares the angular size of the XDF field to the angular size of the full moon.

A finger held at arm's length would appear to be about twice the width of the moon in this image. Note that this illustration does not show the actual observation of the XDF relative to the location of the moon.

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Rector; I. None of the stories were bad, they just weren't good either. Farthest Space by Ellen Fisher. A playboy Captain and his uptight second in command end up stranded on a primitive planet. Their relationship changes drastically as they both reveal their inner persons, but will the changes stick when they are go back to their real world?

A rebel is given the choice between dea "Tripping through the Universe" is an anthology of four stories. A rebel is given the choice between death and providing a child for the sexy King of the opposition. Her efforts to escape her 'deal' result in torture by extended foreplay and denying her "release". A sexy, young scientist uses his new robot creations to woo his dream woman. The robots rebel and mayhem ensues. Interplanetary Love by Shelley Munro. What happens when the "Galaxy's Greatest Love" who is actually a virgin falls in love?

With an earthling cop? Like I said, not bad, but not really good either. View 2 comments. Aug 12, Cindy rated it liked it. So-so read. Futuristic themed anthology with four stories and relatively little plot.

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The first story is a series of in jokes [Star Trek, Galaxy Quest, and the Lensmen books to name just a few:] pasted together Happiness ensues. The second was perky earth girl thrown into the harem of the planetary king. She tries repeatedly to escape, they fall in love, happiness ensues.

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Beautiful robots try to take over the world, inventor defeat them and rescues the girl - happiness ensues. Bollywood-style actor makes his living as a sex star but is still virginal - meets girl of his dreams via dating service and happiness ensues. Aug 15, Leslie Jane Fahrney rated it liked it. Liked all the stories, though I felt the authors developed the characters in Interplanetary Love and Farthest Space: The Wrath of Jan better than the other two.

Of course, with the stories being short, there is only so much developement that can be done.

Tripping Through the Universe

Loved the computer in Farthest Space. He it? Sep 12, Bette Pietsch rated it liked it. Bits of humor were fun. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Jaide Fox.