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He wants to void the couple's prenuptial agreement that would keep from him most of the millions she's earned as a writer. He also claims he was denied his full share of royalties, as spelled out in the prenup, from "How Stella Got Her Groove Back," the fictionalized account of a single mother's torrid relationship with a Jamaican young enough to be her son that very much parallels the lives of McMillan and Plummer. Plummer's attorney, Dolores Sargent , said her client has no interest in embarrassing McMillan or extorting money from her.

In court papers, however, McMillan leaves little doubt that she believes Plummer was always motivated by money. In fact, McMillan says Plummer zeroed in on her precisely because of her celebrity status as an author whose earlier books included "Waiting to Exhale, " which sold some 4 million copies and was made into a movie. In an interview, Plummer insisted that he didn't know he was gay when he met McMillan in June at a Jamaican resort.

Nor, he says, did he seize on the author's fame. For her part, McMillan, who was then 42, said she worried when she first met Plummer that he was interested only in her money. The two eventually married in Maui on Sept.

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Plummer said he was spending long hours with a dog-grooming business in Danville that McMillan had set up for him a couple of years ago in apparent anticipation of a split. It wasn't until just before last Christmas, Plummer says, that the two finally split -- after he revealed he was gay.

In court records, however, McMillan says Plummer confessed to being gay only after she confronted him about all his hours of phone calls to a male friend living in Jamaica. She also says she later learned that Plummer was participating in online gay chat sites. In any event, judging from the court filings, the disclosure quickly turned ugly. Plummer obtained his own restraining order against the author, alleging that McMillan constantly harassed him for coming out of the closet, and at one point walked into his dog-grooming business and tossed a ceramic object across the room.

In a Jan. You do whatever with whomever pleases you and don't seem to care about the consequences. Plummer also says McMillan came into the dog-grooming shop and left him a bottle of Jamaican hot pepper sauce on which she wrote, "Fag Juice Burn Baby Burn," and that she also scrawled "Jonathan's Fag boyfriend Fag" on a photo of a friend. McMillan's attorney, Jill Hersh -- a divorce lawyer who has handled civil rights cases involving gay couples and their children -- says her client "is anything but homophobic.

Hersh also disputes Plummer's contention that McMillan was seeking an annulment as a way to get him deported, as he alleges. It's so Bender : Hey, Fry, I made you a candle with-- [He gasps. Morgan is in bed with Fry. She holds the sheets up around her. Fry pulls the sheets up around him. Now I get it. Now the pieces are falling into place: The office, the promotion, that dwarf in my book club who steals my opinions. Bender : Oh, you didn't understand?

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Well let me explain. Bender : That's what makes it so juicy. It's the forbidden fruit angle everybody loves. Morgan : I downloaded his brain. Everything that is Bender is right here. His mind, his memories, his in-your-face interface. Fry : But, but Bender need brain Stop doing things! Morgan : I sent the disk to be filed at the Central Bureaucracy. I did what I had to do, Fry; He was a bad robot.

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Fry : I couldn't help it. She loved me because of the part of me that's a slob and I loved her because of the part of me that's desperate. Fry : Poor Bender. Without his brain he's become all quiet and helpful. We've got to go to the Central Bureaucracy and get that disk back! Farnsworth : You can't just waltz into the Central Bureaucracy. It's a tangled web of red tape and regulations.

I've never been but a friend of mine went completely mad trying to find the washroom there. Hermes : Look at that: The carts go out full but they come in empty. It's criminally inefficient. Australian Man : [whispering] Quiet, mate. Pulling the empty carts is the closest thing we get to sleep. Hermes : But don't you see? Farnsworth : Well, it doesn't look like I'll make it inside with the rest of you.

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Uh, but good luck. Just leave me where I drop. Leela : Excuse me? We're from the Planet Express delivery company. We're here to deliver a robot. Grade 41 Bureaucrat : Look out! Look out! I'm gonna crash my slow-mobile! I had to swerve to avoid you. Leela : We're getting nowhere slowly. Here, I'll address this to the Central Filing room. Morgan : Lost something? And I did know. And that's why I came here. Fry : Listen, Morgan, we're through.

You're an evil, heartless woman and I never wanna see you again. However, would you help us get Bender back for old time's sake? Morgan : I'm afraid he's lost in the master in pile, and it would take some sort of giant, mechanical, atomic-powered sorting machine to find him. Hermes : No, I want to live. Organising that forced-labour spa rekindled my lifelong love of bureaucracy. LaBarbara : My Hermes got that hellhole running so efficiently that all the physical labour is now done by a single Australian man.

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Number 1. Hermes : Number 1. I co-chaired the committee that reviewed the recommendation to revise the colour of the book that regulation's in. We kept it grey. But your bureaucratic licence will be revoked if you fail to sort the master in pile by closing time: 1pm. Hermes : Requisition me a beat. Hermes : [singing] It's supposed to be about the filing! Hermes : [singing] They say the world looks down on the bureaucrats, They say we're anal, compulsive and weird, But when push comes to shove, You gotta do what you love, Even if it's not a good idea.

Hermes : [singing] Sing me home! When push comes to shove, You gotta do what you love, Even if it's not a good idea! A good bureaucrat never finishes early. Morgan : Not yet you don't. I'm still acting bureaucrat of Planet Express. And I have some changes to make. First, Fry, you're fired. Hermes : Not so fast! While I was sorting I came upon a certain document filed by one Morgan Proctor.

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Form B: Notification of Romantic Entanglement. Morgan : That form isn't about you. It refers to my high school prom date.

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It was a regulation date that ended in regulation disappointment. I hereby promote you to grade He points at Morgan.

An Attitude Revamp (or, How to Get Your Groove Back)

Farnsworth : Well, it looks like I'll be needing my heroic bureaucrat back. At severely-reduced pay, of course. Hermes : You got it, mon! In fact, severely-reduced pay all around! Zoidberg : Now it's time for my song! Sign In Don't have an account?