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The author's realistic ranchers, loners and small-town Homophobia, politics and perilous teenage rivalries make for an absorbing smalltown procedural, Havill's 12th novel in his Posadas County series.

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When Carmen Acosta, a middle-school tough girl, is severely beaten and stabbed in the ear with a After nine mysteries featuring undersheriff Bill Gastner, Havill finally let the aging lawmaker retire and pass the torch to Estelle Reyes-Guzman in 's Scavengers. The new undersheriff proves to be as engaging and as effective as her Havill's Posadas County, N. The fine 16th entry, a chronological Low-key and laconic to the point of being almost comatose, this latest mystery featuring immensely likable New Mexico Sheriff Bill Gastner after 's Dead Weight coasts admirably on its folksy charm for most of the rambling narrative One quiet night, while Gastner, an insomniac, is stargazing on a mesa, he Things go from bad to worse in Posadas, N.

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First, Chief of Police Eduardo Martinez suffers a heart attack while confronting car An unusual setting, rural New Mexico, and a decidedly non-New Age sleuth give this second mystery from the author of Heartshot a few fresh angles. After bypass surgery, year-old Undersheriff Bill Gastner should be taking it easy, laying off the Havill, Author, Steven F. Fine storytelling married to a spicy Southwestern setting marks the latest Bill Gastner mystery following Privileged to Kill, Gastner, undersheriff in New Mexico's Posadas County, is recuperating from heart surgery at his daughter's Michigan.

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You are a subscriber but you have not yet set up your account for premium online access. A relic of the past and chafing under the recent election of a PR-oriented sheriff, Gastner wonders if perhaps his days on the job are numbered. A fine new secondary character is introduced, but the potential to do even better things with him is sadly wasted.

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Maybe he meant only to write a crime story taking place in small town near the Mexican border. But if you wish for matters like motives, opportunities and small clues to be connected up, you will have to wait longer than the author seems to have taken pages to tell.

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Not only that, Gastner has just stolen his way out of a hospital room afer suffering a severe heart attack, and the plane is not pressurized. Oh, oh.

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The characters in Heartshot are terrific. The writing is fine, and the storytelling ability is there. The Bill Gastner series —.