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The three women are now the stages of "A's" life: the imperious old woman, the regal matron and the young woman of twenty-six.

Three Tall Women

Her life, memories and reminiscences—pondered in the first act—are now unceremoniously examined, questioned, accepted or not, but, at last, understood. In the end, her son arrives and kneels at her bedside, but it is too late. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize. This engaging examination of the life of one woman is one of the biggest hits of the season. Edward Albee offers a new play so good it can only exist on the stage. A perfect illustration of why theater is an indispensable art.

Electrifying and heartrending, each of Albee's women is memorable…" —Wall Street Journal. Apply for Rights. Dramatists Play Service, Inc. Form a whimsical and functional "pocket" to animate a wall. This project combines the wall pocket with a face jug, creating a fun and whimsical or scary face pocket out of clay. Upcycled "Wild Thing" Mittens. An outgrown sweater becomes a fun pair of costume mittens!

Use a recycled wool sweater, shrink film, and other adornments to create a fun and functional "Wild Thing" mitten.

Books that POP! Paper engineering meets the principles of design! This procces breaks pop-up designs into three very basic techniques - spirals, zig-zags, and boxes - and focuses on design elements: color, form, shape, and space. A simple hinging technique using the ever-popular, colorfully patterned DuckTape allows the book to open and lie flat for the most eye-popping and paper-popping look!

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All Aglow Chinese Lantern. An origami "Chinese Lantern" that glows in the dark! Using Dura-Lar film, markers, and glow-in-the dark paint, create a hanging lantern, and learn a basic origami shape. Coral Reef Creation. Brilliantly replicate thousands of years of oceanic evolution in just a few hours. Using clay, paint, and pearlescent mixing medium, along with handmade clay stamps, create a beautiful coral sculpture.

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Dancing Houses. Part cartoonist and part Picasso, the art of Brooklyn-born James Rizzi is highly recognizable. A simple wire armature beneath allows the structure to be playfully positioned -— almost as if it were dancing. This project provides a lesson in movement as design principle.

Monet's Water Lilies. In the last 30 years of his life, French Impressionist Claude Monet produced a series of paintings depicting the flowers and pond in his garden at Giverny. He especially loved painting his water lilies and the reflections of the sky and trees floating in the water around them. In honor of Monet, here's an easy, elegant and inexpensive way to make a tissue paper lily that has the misty, atmospheric qualities an Impressionist would have loved.

My Daruma. A traditional Japanese weighted toy, Daruma always return to an upright position. Sound Sculpture Inspired by Jean Tinguely. In this lesson plan, students create a kinetic sculpture with repurposed metal hardware, found objects, and wire placed so that they deliberately move against one another. Make a hand-built ritual doll with only three simple materials! Add body paint and embellish by adding seed bead teeth, a shell necklace, or clothing made of burlap.

Recycled Jellies. These colorful, sparkling jellies are even water-resistant! Textural Glass Slumping. Create a textured clay mold to use again and again! Carve a design into a slab and bisque fire it. After coating it with kiln wash, this mold can be used many times to impart unique textures to slumped glass pieces. Mehndi Art Gloves. Originating in ancient India, Mehndi is the artistic application of designs to the hands and feet. Students can enjoy the practice of Mehndi without staining their skin by creating radial designs in marker while wearing a glove.

The sense of touch while creating the design is an important part of the process. Doodle Dancer. Mehndi, tatau, and modern "ink" - the history of art is incomplete without including the practice of creating decoration on human skin. In this lesson plan, students create a jointed clay marionette and use fine-line markers to cover it with expressive designs.

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Have a Ball! Observing and reproducing the distortion caused by a concave reflection is the topic of this lesson plan, as students make self-portraits inspired by M.

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  • Miniature Treasure Keeper. Joseph Cornell's most characteristic art works were boxed assemblages created from found objects. These were simple boxes in which he arranged surprising collections of photgraphs or bric-a-brac in a way that combines the formality of Constructivism with the lively fantasy of Surrealism.

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    Students will gather pieces of nostalgia or found objects to embed in plaster within an arrangement of mini canvas "boxes". Rolly Bowls. Glazing isn't the only way to create beautiful surfaces! Agateware pottery features swirling marbelized colors and was probably first developed to imitate the qualities of agate, a semiprecious stone with striated patterning.

    These swirling effects can be created by working with thin slabs of colored clay that has been layered to create patterns. This technique allows for both precise patterns and free, random effects. Sole Pendants. In this project, students explore the beauty of texture found in a surprising place Texture is all around us, and oftentimes exists right under our noses. Venetian Volto Mask. This beginning project introduces early elementary students to basic clay construction skills. Employing both fine and gross motor skills, students assign a unique personality to their pet, then bisque fire and add the definition of spots and color with glazes.

    Picasso-Inspired Soft Sculpture.

    Manual Lesson Plans Three Tall Women

    By looking through the vast array of figurative paintings done by Picasso during his cubist phase, students may find many possibilities for soft sculpture adaptations. Fine art, sculpture and textiles combine to make this eye-catching piece! Fauvism is for the Birds!