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Much as we should like to fire the reader with an enthusiasm for the subject of statistics, we are pragmatic. Our aim in this new edition, as it was in the earlier editions, is to provide the student and the researcher, as well as the clinician encountering statistical concepts in the medical literature, with a book which is sound, easy to read, comprehensive, relevant, and of useful practical application.

We believe Medical Statistics at a Glance will be particularly helpful as an adjunct to statistics lectures and as a reference guide. The structure of this third edition is the same as that of the first two editions. In line with other books in the At a Glance series, we lead the reader through a number of self-contained two-, three- or occasionally four-page chapters, each covering a different aspect of medical statistics.

We have learned from our own teaching experiences and have taken account of the difficulties that our students have encountered when studying medical statistics. For this reason, we have chosen to limit the theoretical content of the book to a level that is sufficient for understanding the procedures involved, yet which does not overshadow the practicalities of their execution. Medical statistics is a wide-ranging subject covering a large number of topics.

We have provided a basic introduction to the underlying concepts of medical statistics and a guide to the most commonly used statistical procedures. Epidemiology is closely allied to medical statistics. Hence some of the main issues in epidemiology, relating to study design and interpretation, are discussed. We have explained the principles underlying these topics so that the reader will be able to understand and interpret the results from them when they are presented in the literature.

Some of the first 45 chapters remain unaltered in this new edition and some have relatively minor changes which accommodate recent advances, cross-referencing or re-organization of the new material. We have expanded many chapters; for example, we have included a section on multiple comparisons Chapter 12 , provided more information on different study designs, including multicentre studies Chapter 12 and sequential trials Chapter 14 , emphasized the importance of study management Chapters 15 and 16 , devoted greater space to receiver operating characteristic ROC curves Chapters 30, 38 and 46 , supplied more details of how to check the assumptions underlying a logistic regression analysis Chapter 30 and explored further some of the different methods to remove confounding in observational studies Chapter We have also reorganized some of the material.

The brief introduction to bias in Chapter 12 in the second edition has been omitted from that chapter in the third edition and moved to Chapter 34, which covers this topic in greater depth. New to this third edition is a set of learning objectives for each chapter, all of which are displayed together at the beginning of the book. Each set provides a framework for evaluating understanding and progress. If you are able to complete all the bulleted tasks in a chapter satisfactorily, you will have mastered the concepts in that chapter.

Medical Statistics at a Glance (4th ed.)

As in previous editions, the description of most of the statistical techniques is accompanied by an example illustrating its use. We have generally obtained the data for these examples from collaborative studies in which we or colleagues have been involved; in some instances, we have used real data from published papers. Where possible, we have used the same data set in more than one chapter to reflect the reality of data analysis, which is rarely restricted to a single technique or approach.

Although we believe that formulae should be provided and the logic of the approach explained as an aid to understanding, we have avoided showing the details of complex calculations — most readers will have access to computers and are unlikely to perform any but the simplest calculations by hand. We consider that it is particularly important for the reader to be able to interpret output from a computer package.

We have therefore chosen, where applicable, to show results using extracts from computer output.

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In some instances, where we believe individuals may have difficulty with its interpretation, we have included Appendix C and annotated the complete computer output from an analysis of a data set. There are many statistical packages in common use; to give the reader an indication of how output can vary, we have not restricted the output to a particular package and have, instead, used three well-known ones — SAS, SPSS and Stata.

There is extensive cross-referencing throughout the text to help the reader link the various procedures. Neave, H. The glossary of terms in Appendix D provides readily accessible explanations of commonly used terminology.


We know that one of the greatest difficulties facing non-statisticians is choosing the appropriate technique. We have therefore produced two flow charts which can be used both to aid the decision as to what method to use in a given situation and to locate a particular technique in the book easily. These flow charts are located in the plate section. This website also contains a full set of references some of which are linked directly to Medline to supplement the references quoted in the text and provide useful background information for the examples.

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For those readers who wish to gain a greater insight into particular areas of medical statistics, we can recommend the following books:. We are extremely grateful to Mark Gilthorpe and Jonathan Sterne who made invaluable comments and suggestions on aspects of the second edition, and to Richard Morris, Fiona Lampe, Shak Hajat and Abul Basar for their counsel on the first edition.

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We wish to thank everyone who has helped us by providing data for the examples. Naturally, we take full responsibility for any errors that remain in the text or examples. We should also like to thank Mike, Gerald, Nina, Andrew and Karen who tolerated, with equanimity, our preoccupation with the first two editions and lived with us through the trials and tribulations of this third edition.

Medical Statistics at a Glance Workbook

A brand new comprehensive workbook containing a variety of examples and exercises, complete with model answers, designed to support your learning and revision. Fully cross-referenced to Medical Statistics at a Glance , this new workbook includes:. Medical Statistics at a Glance Workbook is the ideal resource to improve statistical knowledge Details zum Adobe-DRM.

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Excercises are practical, short to the point. Good book of helping to understand the underlying concepts.

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