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It is also home to almost 1, migrants, who live in shacks resembling cargo containers. These homes are cobbled together with metal, wood and plastic. They are scorching in the summer and bitterly cold in winter. Almost all of the inhabitants are from sub-Saharan Africa. Thierno, a year-old migrant at San Ferdinando camp, lying down talking to a friend.


All photographs by Sean Smith. The San Ferdinando camp was established in about The shacks began to increase in number and San Ferdinando was transformed into a shantytown. Some shacks function as a repair shop for the bicycles that migrants use to reach the fields, others serve as butcher shops or taverns.

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The days are monotonous. With no electricity in the camp it is not easy for the residents to idle away the time. Some fill their days with repairing their shack, while others prepare meals, usually with rice and chicken. Thierno shares his shack with Osmane. They both arrived from Senegal in Thierno, whose wife died during childbirth, has a daughter who lives with her grandmother back at home.

In Senegal he owned a small factory with five employees. He built a makeshift porch outside his front door, and sourced materials from a nearby dump, such as using car seats from abandoned vehicles as sofas. In the kitchen, made from wooden planks and complete with a gas hob, there is a small table with two chairs.

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Dinner is served here for everyone. The rule is to offer a meal to anyone unable to earn money during the week. One of them wears a shirt bearing the face of Sacko, the man from Mali killed in June. A resident wearing a T-shirt commemorating Sacko Soumalya, who was shot in the head while collecting waste metal. A frequent point of discussion is the exhausting wait that forces them to put their lives on hold while the authorities evaluate their asylum requests.

To obtain a permit of stay you must have residence, but many of us have no stable home. The problems discovered by Swedwatch is in violation of international conventions, such as the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights and the ILO core conventions as well as the human rights policies of the Swedish tour operators and their parent companies. The working conditions are also in violation of the local labour law in Dubai. Apollo, Fritidsresor and Ving all stated that they were unaware of these problems.

But the fact that the conditions for migrant workers were neither unexpected nor difficult to prove indicates that the tour operators have failed in their human rights due diligence. The report makes ten recommendations to the companies. As an acute measure the tour operators need routines to discover and prevent adverse human rights impacts that they are linked to. As a minimum, they also have to make sure that the hotels that they use in Dubai follow local labour law on issues like working hours and recruitment fees. And that they stop withholding the passports of migrant workers. Swedwatch Kungsholmsgatan 10, 3tr 27 Stockholm, Sweden.

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